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Somatic Therapy

The form of Somatic Therapy I work with is called Relational Somatic Therapy.


Relational Somatic Therapy (RST) is a form of counseling that recognizes the Soma (body) as an integral part of healing, including trauma. It is an integrative approach that includes mind, body, and spirit. 

We use the term Relational as so much of the human healing journey is relational, and having a sense of safety is imperative to the healing process.

It acknowledges that all trauma happens in relationship either during the event or in how a person is supported or not supported afterward, and so it must be healed in relationship.

With Somatic Therapy, it is in the therapeutic alliance between the client and therapist.

Through compassion, curiosity, non-judgement and acceptance these experiences are reintegrated in the present moment, helping to undo past conditioning. ​

This brings more energy, vitality, and freedom to the present moment experience.

It supports us to live more embodied in the present, and not be caught in our bodies living in the past.

I offer sessions in person in Nelson or Online.

Use the link above to book a free consultation to ask questions, or to begin the process of working together.

Through numerous somatic therapy sessions with Lindsay we were able to go to the depths of my traumas and darkness with such safety and regulation. Her creativity through space holding is super inspiring. I know that I have resolved a lot of my core wounds because of Lindsay's support and divine service. 


I have a well of gratitude for the ways that Lindsay held, supported and served me into discovering more of who I am and her capacity to meet me in severe trauma wounding. I HIGHLY recommend all beings who feel the call to work with Lindsay and embrace her medicine to do so!


My Areas of Focus

Spiritual Counselling

Perinatal Support (Pregnancy-Postpartum)

Couples Counselling

Parenting Support

Plant Medicine Integration

Developmental Trauma

Inner Child Healing

Grief Support

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