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Nurturing the Heart, Midwifing the Spirit

Home: Welcome

Welcome!  I am so glad you are here.

I’m Lindsay.  I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, Somatic Therapist, Transformational Coach and Modern Medicine Woman.

I am dedicated to helping you heal and come into authentic embodiment of who you really are.

I am here to meet you where you are at, exactly as you are.

Work with me to live in greater harmony with yourself and step into a life of flow and ease.



Home: About Me

My Toolkit To Support You

Somatic Therapy

Nutrition and Dietary Support

Western and Eastern Herbalism

Transformational Coaching

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

Pre and Perinatal Psychology

Shamanic Practices

Microdosing Support

I believe we all have the capacity to thrive and not just survive. 


My holistic counselling services will nurture your spirit and help you to overcome personal challenges and unlock your full potential.



Through one on one on one coaching and counselling therapy, as well as group coaching, I draw on my training and knowledge of somatic therapy, herbalism, pre and perinatal studies, shamanism and eastern spiritual practices to support you in your healing journey.

I support people to feel empowered in their healing journey, to both heal and integrate wounds from their past that are in the way of greater ease and flow in their lives. 


I am passionate about supporting my clients on their path of healing generational and ancestral trauma and to rise into a place of empowerment to share their unique gifts and medicine with the world.

How I Can Help You

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Client Love:

Receiving Somatic Therapy from Lindsay was an incredibly delightful and valuable experience for me. I found Lindsay’s calm presence and skillful guidance to be an excellent catalyst to encourage embodied awareness while emotions, thoughts, and feelings would arise and pass. Following our session, I notice that this has helped inspire new ways of tuning into my body to help facilitate the processing and integration of other life experiences, as well as living more from an accessible place of joy. Thank you for your care and commitment to the work that you do, Lindsay!


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There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground; there are a thousand ways to go home again.



Plant Medicines and Psychedelics are still illegal in most countries, and I do not personally encourage, advocate or condone the use of these substances where it is against the law. However, I do acknowledge the fact that illegal use of these medicines does occur in the world we live in at an expanding rate, and I believe that offering responsible harm reduction information and support is imperative in keeping people safe before and after they engage with these substances.  I do not in any way encourage using these substances outside of a legal or traditional context.

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