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We are in a time where there is a great resurgence of psychedelics and plant medicines.  


These medicines have a lot to offer us in our individual and collective healing, and there is much we can do to facilitate the healing process in working with them.

The healing work does not happen on its own.

Preparation and Integration are key pillars in the healing journey of working with plant medicines.

Having a container that holds and supports you to prepare to meet the medicine, to work with the medicine in ceremony, and to weave the medicine actively into your life, profoundly potentiates the transformative effects of the medicine on your life. 

I work with people who are committed to their healing and transformation, and are ready to maximize the healing potential of their work with plant teachers and entheogens​.

The ceremony starts as soon as you commit to the journey, and continues after the journey. 


As one medicine elder wisely shared with me, "the medicine is not in the cup."

  • Are you interested in working with plant medicines or psychedelics and you don't know where to start?​​

  • Are you seeking experienced and skillful support to help you integrate an expanded state of consciousness or information you received on a psychedelic journey?

  • Are you feeling confused about a psychedelic experience you have had?

You have come to the right place.  

I have been walking with plant medicine for the last 15 years and have seen a lot on the journey.  

It is my honour to support others in integrating the potency of these experiences into embodiment, true transformation and healing.

Just wanting to extend gratitude again for that last session and report that I have found further gains.

Seeing more and more the victim state/mentality that I get stuck in and how thats not helpful in the creation and unfolding of my life.

Dreams and abundance are starting to flow a bit more finally and there is further letting go of surrender to whatever wants to happen.



Plant Medicine Integration Services

 Preparation & Integration Sessions

In these sessions I support clients to:

  • learn more about working with plant medicines and find out if it is right for them

  • to hone in on their intention in working with plant medicines

  • to prepare their body, mind, spirit to work with plant medicines

  • to integrate psychedelic experiences into their day to day life

  • to nagivate challenging experiences with plant medicines

Book a Free Connection Call to explore if this is for you

My Toolkit To Support You

Nutritional and Herbal Support

Shamanic Counselling

Somatic Counselling and Trauma-Awareness

Spiritual Counselling

Yoga and Meditation Guidance

Pre and Perinatal Psychology

Inquiry Based Coaching

Song as Medicine

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Plant Medicines and Psychedelics (entheogens ) are still illegal in most countries, and I do not personally encourage, advocate or condone the use of these substances where it is against the law. However, I do acknowledge the fact that illegal use of these medicines does occur in the world we live in at an expanding rate, and I believe that offering responsible harm reduction information is imperative in keeping people safe while they engage with substances such as entheogens. In aiding people to do their own due diligence. That is the ONLY reason I am sharing information and knowledge about these medicines. It is all merely designed to ensure the safety of those who decide to use them.  I do not in any way encourage using these substances outside of a legal or traditional context.

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