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Butterfly on Branch

1:1 Soul Coaching and Mentorship

A 3 month container dedicated to your personal evolution, the reclamation of your inherent wholeness and your most authentic expression of your gifts.

You know that you are ready. 

You feel it in your belly, pulsing in your veins, beckoning you to expand into who you came here to be, to emerge into your greatness.

You feel called to deepen and share your gifts with the world, but fear and doubt hold you back.

Playing small, procrastinating, and distraction become the norm.

Sound familiar?

Welcome precious soul.

I am so glad you are here.

This container was made for you.

Emergence is a compassionate healing container devoted to your personal evolution and growth.  I walk with you as a guide and ally as you emerge into your truer self and allow yourself to shine.

You will be held and guided through the process of becoming, as you align with and emerge as your truest expression of self, in your wholeness.

This container holds powerful coaching tools, somatic practices, compassionate inquiry, mindset work, accountability and a continuum of support between sessions.

It is where therapy meets coaching, and propels you forward into a higher expression of your magic and mastery.


I am here to help you do exactly that-remember your gifts, make peace with your inner child, awaken your dreams and step into your mastery.

To see what is in the way and to work with it in your favour.

To manifest your heart's desires, in a grounded, wholesome, integrated and actionable way.












Is Emergence for you?

Emergence is for you if:

You know what you want and where you want to go, and are ready to commit to the support you need to make it happen.

You are committed to your growth and are seeking support to help you move the needle forward in alignment with your dreams.

You keep finding yourself feeling overwhelmed, distracted, procrastinating, and getting stuck in patterns that you know no longer serve you.

You are willing to take personal responsibility for your life.


You are courageously willing to try on new things, new ways of being, even as resistance shows up.

You are open to accountability and consistent support, and transparencey in the process.

Emergence is not for you if:

You are not ready and willing to do the work to move yourself forward.


You are looking for someone else to change the way things are.


You are not willing to take radical responsibility for your life.


You are not ready to show up fully, be present for all calls, and fully take advantage of the support of the container between sessions.

You are not willing to stay curious and committed with the process until the end.

152-Lindsay, Chris, & Arthur-152_edited.

Lindsay's guidance and support during our sessions were truly profound. Her nurturing presence provided the safe space I needed to begin learning the language of my body and emotions, as well as to trust my intuition and personal power.


Live as life is rigged in your favour.


3 Month Container Includes

  • 60 minute Somatic Soul Coaching Session 4 x/month (in person in Nelson or online)

  • Voxer Support 5 days/week, Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm

  •  Personalized exercises and practices, and additional resources and tools for your integration and growth​

  •  In depth and invaluable, enlightening session recaps by email each week

  • A safe and compassionate space for your healing journey to open up, be heard and alchemized


*Voxer is an app for us to stay in touch between sessions.

It is a place where you can ask further questions, receive support, share your wins and challenges, to be held as you face blocks as they come up in daily life.

To apply for Emergence, book a Discovery Call to get the process started.

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